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Dr.Ela is super knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, kind, and caring. She has been adjusting our 6 year old for a couple weeks now and we are already noticing a huge positive change with his mood, posture, and his ability to regulate his emotions. Dr.Ela is so great at explaining everything to him in a way he understands and she keeps him calm through his appointment. He loves seeing her, and we are so thankful for her patience with a wiggly 6 year old. She is truly one of a kind! We highly recommend!!  


Dr Ela is amazing! She has been adjusting our 3.5 year old for several months now and we have noticed a direct correlation with her sleeping through the night without waking. I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from a lot of pressure from where the baby was sitting- causing a very painful varicose vein and constant feeling of pressure. I got my first adjustment by Dr Ela on Thursday and she was able to get the baby to move and the pressure is gone! Also the varicose vein the baby was putting pressure on is much improved and my overall sleep and comfort level has been wonderful. Highly recommend!


Dr. Ela is amazing. She’s an attentive listener and is thorough in her explanation of what she is doing and why she’s doing it. A true professional. I always walk out feeling better and walking taller.


Dr Ela was my chiropractor when she was in the chicagoland area. Hands down the best chiropractic care I have ever received. My knees were in such bad shape I had problems walking. After the first adjustment I noticed a difference and the more I went the better off I got.

She also went through all the benefits of chiropractic care and through her help I noticed all of them happening to me. Since she left I have been searching for someone as good, but have yet to find that person. She is sorely missed.


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